Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daily 5

Hello and Happy Summer (in one week for us Canadians)!

I have been using the Daily 5 structure and Cafe in my classroom this year and have seen first hand all the great things it does for kids.Next year my plan is to run a Math Daily 5 type of structure for Math. I also plan to incorporate Barbara Mariconda's writing framework from Empowering Writers into work on writing and to hit on during mini lessons. Stay tuned for plans and more ideas!

I think that our Math Daily 5 Structure would look something like this (Based off of a similar structure from the

 Based on a 40 minute period
5 Minute Mini-Lesson
  • Focus could be on introducing a new concept or idea
  • Could be introducing a new buddy game
  • Review from previous days learning
  • Then students will check-in and move to their first round
    • My goal is to have all of our outcomes in Alberta posted as "targets" in the form of an I can statement... for example: I can skip count by 100 from any number between 0 and 1000. 
    • Students will let me know what the target is they are working on before they move to their round. The dialogue in our classroom hopefully will sound like this:
      • I am going to Math by Myself and will be working with Cups. My target will be, "I can explain what expanded form means for numbers from 0-1000." Then they will take their name label and move it to the target that they are planning on working with.
    • My reasoning for this is so that students are aware of what they need to accomplish. It follows the same ideas of CAFE from Daily 5, and will hopefully support students metacognitive thinking.
15 Minutes of First Round
  • Here students will be able to choose from these options (or they may be conferencing). I am still adding/renaming/revising these options but this is what I have so far:
    • Math with Someone: Buddy Games
    • Math by Myself: Working with Voice Thread App to describe images about math? Using paper practice sheets...
    • Write about Math: Create math problems and math stories? Could also be a description of how a student solved a particular problem.
    • Problem Solving: My goal will be to have a ring for each unit comprised of different open ended math problems.
    • Tools with the Teacher (where I am able to introduce new concepts in smaller groups)
 5 Minute Mini-Lesson

15 Minutes of Second Round

5 Minute Mini-Lesson
  • Review New Concepts that were covered
5 Minute Math Journal
  • Write about what was accomplished today/what you learned
The one thing that I am wondering about is how to best incorporate performance assessments into Math. Perhaps Math Daily 5 is not "Daily", but will be used to support concepts learned and become more fluent and literate in the new concepts taught? Still thinks to ponder on and much more to come!

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